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Oct. 9, 2013, 11:30pm–5:00pm 620 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA

Speaker Archive - 2012 Summit

Chris Marocchi Chris Marocchi

Klear Strat

1:15 pm – 1:55 pm


Topic: Case Study - Key Success Factors in Launching Successful New Products.




Description:  Technology makes it easier for marketing managers to execute targeted product launches and quickly track results, but at the same time the complexity and pace with which the tools are evolving can be overwhelming.  Chris shares some real world examples how today’s managers can utilize new marketing strategies and techniques to stay ahead of their competition.



Hank Mondaca Ray Benedicktus

OC Marketing Analytics

2:00 pm – 2:40 pm


Topic: Survey Research for Product and Brand Success: Tips and Tricks.




Description: Learn how seasoned researchers design surveys to optimize information quality, validity, and statistical power.  Ray Benedicktus from OC Marketing Analytics will present product development, branding, and satisfaction data from restaurants, consumer packaged goods brands, and B2B companies and lead a discussion on how businesses can focus their research efforts on important marketing metrics.



Lidija Davidson Lidija Davidson
Chief Grower

Sift, Cipher & Bloom

3:10 pm – 3:50 pm


Topic: If You Forget Your Brand, Your Customers Might Forget You: Marketing Lessons From Taco Bell and Subway.



Description: We are all under pressure to grow revenue, increase customer retention, and improve margins and profits. But what if seemingly lucrative opportunities don’t fit the brand?  Lidija will review real life examples from Taco Bell and Subway, who ran nearly identical marketing programs, with very different results. See who the loser was, and how businesses can stay on-brand and avoid a similar fate.



Hank MondacaHank Mondaca
Vice President

Sonic Mobile USA

3:50 pm – 4:30 pm


Topic: Getting Started In Mobile – What You Need to Know to Have a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign.


Businesses today can reach their sales goals by implementing proven marketing, advertising and promotional programs that actually “capture” the attention of the mobile audience, enticing them to take immediate action.  Hank will share some mobile marketing strategies that businesses can use today to create winning campaigns.




Speaker Archive – 2011 Summit

Samta JainSamta Jain
President, United Direct Marketing

1:10 pm - 1:55 pm


Data-Driven Direct Marketing:– There are a number of business intelligence tools marketers can utilize to analyze data. Such tools empower marketers to make data-driven strategy, branding, and marketing decisions. This session will cover the elements of a direct marketing campaign and how they all fit together. More specifically, we will look at how data drives strategy, creative, selection of direct marketing media (direct mail, email, phone, social, and mobile), and personalization of messages.


About Samta Jain: Specializing in healthcare, university, and nonprofit marketing, she has helped organizations throughout the Western United States successfully launch direct marketing programs and consistently improve their ROI. She earned her Bachelor’s of Arts from UC Irvine and is currently pursuing her MBA at the USC Marshall School of Business.  She is also a choreographer and avid world traveler.


About United Direct Marketing: Samta has evolved United Direct Marketing over the last 10 years from a direct mail letter shop to a single source marketing solutions provider. United Direct builds data-driven direct marketing campaigns. Whether crafting creative or developing segmentation strategies, the work is anchored in data and research. Expertise ranges from strategic planning, data mining, building data models, creative and direct mail production to multi-channel marketing.



Glenn HansenGlenn Hansen
Founder, Hansen House Communication


2:00 pm – 2:45 pm


How To Score with Today’s Business Communication Opportunities: Marketing, Public
Relations & B2B Communication are radically different today than even five years ago. How
do you succeed in this new environment? The same way you did five years ago.


Today’s communication tools have changed the way we deliver messages and connect with customers. But the rules for successful communication and engagement have not changed. We’ll discuss the best ways to use the communication tools available to maximize PR, Marketing, Advertising and B2B Communication. We’ll answer questions like: Should you have a corporate blog? Does your business need to use Twitter and Facebook? Is print
communication still relevant? How do you connect with media today for PR success?


About Glenn Hansen: Glenn Hansen has been a communication professional for 25 years, workingin print media, broadcasting, and corporate communication. He currently works with large multi-national organizations as well as local small businesses. He’s a social media advocate as well as an “old-school” print fan.


About Hansen House Communication: Glenn Hansen started Hansen House Communication in 2009 to help a variety of companies solve communication problems. Areas of expertise include all aspects of corporate communication, public and press relations, media training and social media marketing.



Hank MondacaHank Mondaca
President, MobiPromo


3:10 pm – 3:55 pm


Mobile Marketing Trends: Mobile marketing allows business people to achieve
exceptional sales results by implementing proven marketing, advertising and promotional
programs that actually “capture” the attention of their audience and entice them to take
immediate action…all through mobile solutions.


As the evolution of integrated, multimedia wired and wireless networks and services continue to expand, be prepared for the rise of mobile marketing. Learn how to grow your business using this powerful tool.


About Hank Mondaca: Hank Mondaca is a Mobile Solutions Specialist in mobile marketing. Hank provides mobile marketing education and consulting services to marketing professionals, SMB owners and entrepreneurs. As an advocate for smart, effective mobile marketing channels, Hank leads workshops and speaks about how to grow your business with Mobile Marketing techniques. An entrepreneur in the Marketing & Advertising industry for 16 years, Hank has vast experience in not only the technological aspect of mobile marketing, but also the ability of how to apply this medium to maximize your marketing results. Hank’s unique online presence and his ability to educate business professionals in the mobile realm have earned him the nickname “The Mobile Marketer”.


About MobiPromo: MobiPromo is a solutions provider delivering a variety of mobile- themed marketing applications, including couponing, text advertising, polling and social media messaging.



Tim Templeton

Tim Templeton
President & Founder – Templeton Interactive


4:00 pm – 4:45 pm


Monetizing Social Media: Social media is on every marketer’s mind, but many
businesses are still struggling to figure out how to justify the marketing spend. How do
companies validate their investment in social media? In this presentation, you’ll learn:


  • How to leverage the power of social media for direct revenue
  • How to develop, implement and measure a winning social media strategy
  • Innovative examples of how to generate direct revenue from social media networks
  • How to address privacy and security concerns

About Tim Templeton: Tim Templeton is a leading marketing executive, with extensive experience developing successful telecommunications and software marketing campaigns for international companies. Mr. Templeton's accolades include a product receiving the coveted Editor's Choice Award from PC Magazine, and his work was also profiled as part of a recent Marketing Sherpa case study. He holds an MBA in Information Systems Management from Fordham University, and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics from Cornell University.


About Templeton Interactive: Templeton Interactive started in 1998 to showcase the work of the late artist Robert Templeton. The company has since evolved into a marketing consulting organization, offering lead generation, product launch support, social marketing strategy consulting, and a wide range of marketing services.


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